Under 16 TC Tyres League Division 1

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Venue: Watershed

Freebooters AFC lose to Evergreen Athletic.
2nd placed Freebooters AFC were beaten at home by League leaders Evergreen Athletic at Watershed at 4 pm

Freebooters AFC
Form: W L W

Evergreen Athletic has yet to be beaten in this competition, having won every game.
Form: W W W

Current League Position
1Evergreen Athletic330016889
2Freebooters AFC320113586

This competition head to head
21/09/19 4 pmFreebooters AFC24Evergreen AthleticWatershed

Club Fixture History
13/06/19 7:30 pmFreebooters AFC03Evergreen AthleticSchoolgirls U12 League

Recent Results in this competition
Freebooters AFC
07/10/19 7:15 pmFreebooters AFC60Deen Celtic Athletic
21/09/19 4 pmFreebooters AFC24Evergreen Athletic
07/09/19 12:15 pmCallan United15Freebooters AFC
Evergreen Athletic
05/10/19 2:30 pmEvergreen Athletic43Callan United
21/09/19 4 pmFreebooters AFC24Evergreen Athletic
06/09/19 7 pmEvergreen Athletic83Spa United AFC
Referee Statistics
Patrick Murphy11713

Freebooters AFCEvergreen Athletic