FAI Junior Cup

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Thomastown United claim victory against Deen Celtic.
3rd placed Thomastown United won 3-0 against their visitors, Deen Celtic at United Park Thomastown at 11 am

Thomastown United
Form: L W W

Deen Celtic has yet to win in this competition.
Form: L

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Evergreen FC
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@P7-32 @S7-32 @P4-16 @S4-16
@P8-32 @S8-32   @P1-SF @S1-SF
@P9-32 @S9-32   @P2-SF @S2-SF
@P10-32 @S10-32 @P5-16 @S5-16
@P11-32 @S11-32 @P6-16 @S6-16
@P12-32 @S12-32   @P3-QF @S3-QF
@P13-32 @S13-32       @P4-QF @S4-QF
@P14-32 @S14-32 @P7-16 @S7-16
@P15-32 @S15-32   @P8-16 @S8-16  
@P16-32 @S16-32       @P1-F @S1-F
@P17-32 @S17-32       @P2-F @S2-F
@P18-32 @S18-32     @P9-16 @S9-16  
@P19-32 @S19-32   @P10-16 @S10-16  
@P20-32 @S20-32       @P5-QF @S5-QF  
@P21-32 @S21-32     @P6-QF @S6-QF
@P22-32 @S22-32     @P11-16 @S11-16
@P23-32 @S23-32   @P12-16 @S12-16  
@P24-32 @S24-32       @P3-SF @S3-SF
@P25-32 @S25-32       @P4-SF @S4-SF  
@P26-32 @S26-32     @P13-16 @S13-16  
@P27-32 @S27-32   @P14-16 @S14-16  
@P28-32 @S28-32       @P7-QF @S7-QF
@P29-32 @S29-32       @P8-QF @S8-QF  
@P30-32 @S30-32     @P15-16 @S15-16
@P31-32 @S31-32   @P16-16 @S16-16  
@P32-32 @S32-32  

3Thomastown United320110736
25Deen Celtic100103-30

This competition head to head
01/10/17 11 amThomastown United30Deen CelticUnited Park Thomastown

Club Fixture History
21/05/18 7 pmThomastown United10Deen CelticBuckley Youths Cup Final
10/02/18 2 pmDeen Celtic76Thomastown UnitedU19 Henderson Shield
08/05/17 7 pmDeen Celtic13Thomastown UnitedUnder16 Brendan Lonergan Cup
20/04/17 7 pmDeen Celtic41Thomastown UnitedUnder 16 TC Tyres League Division 2
25/03/17 2:30 pmThomastown United32Deen CelticUnder 19 INTOSPORT League
11/03/17 2:30 pmDeen Celtic01Thomastown UnitedUnder 19 INTOSPORT League
25/02/17 2 pmThomastown United30Deen CelticUnder 16 TC Tyres League Division 2

Recent Results in this competition
Thomastown United
12/11/17 11 amBirr Town32Thomastown United
22/10/17 11 amThomastown United54Hanover Harps
01/10/17 11 amThomastown United30Deen Celtic
Deen Celtic
01/10/17 11 amThomastown United30Deen Celtic
Referee Statistics
Nickey Marnell97747644

Thomastown UnitedDeen Celtic