Schoolgirls U12 League

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Spa United AFC lose to Stoneyford United.
11th placed Spa United AFC were comprehensively beaten at home by 2nd placed Stoneyford United at Jim Maher Park at 2 pm

Spa United AFC
Form: D W L L L L L L

Stoneyford United has yet to be beaten in this competition, having won 7 out of its last 8 games.
Form: W W D W W W W W

Current League Position
2Stoneyford United87103342922
11Spa United AFC8116519-144

This competition head to head
16/03/19 2 pmSpa United AFC05Stoneyford UnitedJim Maher Park

Club Fixture History
02/12/18 11 amSpa United AFC02Stoneyford UnitedJunior Division 1 League
11/11/18 11 amStoneyford United61Spa United AFCJunior Division 1 League
06/10/18 12:30 pmStoneyford United20Spa United AFCSchoolgirls U12 League Division 2
06/05/18 2:30 pmSpa United AFC02Stoneyford UnitedSchoolgirls U12 Cup Final
04/11/17 12:30 pmSpa United AFC00Stoneyford UnitedUnder 11 Schoolboys League Black
09/09/17 11 amStoneyford United20Spa United AFCSchoolgirls U12 League

Recent Results in this competition
Spa United AFC
15/06/19 11 amCallan United11Spa United AFC
15/06/19Spa United AFC30Freebooters AFC
13/06/19 7:30 pmSpa United AFC15Evergreen United
10/06/19 7:30 pmBridge United20Spa United AFC
24/05/19 7 pmLions AFC30Spa United AFC
14/04/19 2:30 pmSpa United AFC01Evergreen Athletic
Stoneyford United
15/06/19Stoneyford United30Lions AFC
08/06/19 2:30 pmStoneyford United30Freebooters AFC
04/06/19 8 pmStoneyford United11Evergreen United
25/05/19 11 amStoneyford United50Thomastown United
16/05/19 7 pmEvergreen Athletic16Stoneyford United
27/04/19 3 pmStoneyford United70Callan United
Referee Statistics
Patrick Murphy39220514

Spa United AFCStoneyford United