Junior Pat Maher Shield

Competition:3899  Match:439473  KDSL

Freebooters A 10 - 0 Brookville AFC

Referee: James Nolan

Freebooters A win against Brookville AFC.
Freebooters A comprehensively won 10-0 against their visitors, Brookville AFC at Fair Green-Kilkenny at 11 am

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

This competition head to head
08/09/19 11 amFreebooters A100Brookville AFCFair Green-Kilkenny

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Freebooters A
01/09/19 11 amFreebooters A30Stoneyford United
08/09/19 11 amFreebooters A100Brookville AFC
12/01/20 11 amThomastown United21Freebooters A
Brookville AFC
01/09/19 11 amRiver Rangers02Brookville AFC
08/09/19 11 amFreebooters A100Brookville AFC
Referee Statistics
James Nolan632271026

Freebooters ABrookville AFC