SFAI Under 14 Skechers Cup SE Region

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Referee: Lee Kill

Lions AFC despatched by Freebooters AFC.
Lions AFC were beaten at home by Freebooters AFC at Cork Road Durrow at 11 am

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

This competition head to head
03/10/19 11 amLions AFC03Freebooters AFCCork Road Durrow

Club Fixture History
07/09/19 2:30 pmFreebooters AFC31Lions AFCUnder 19 League
15/06/19Lions AFC30Freebooters AFCSchoolgirls U12 League
08/06/19 7 pmFreebooters AFC30Lions AFCWomen's League
21/04/19 2:30 pmFreebooters AFC30Lions AFCUnder 17 League
14/04/19 2:30 pmLions AFC15Freebooters AFCSchoolgirls U16 League
09/12/18 2 pmLions AFC09Freebooters AFCUnder 17 League
20/10/18 2:30 pmLions AFC00Freebooters AFCSchoolgirls U10 League North
29/09/18 12 pmFreebooters AFC00Lions AFCSchoolgirls U10 League North
01/09/18 11 amLions AFC32Freebooters AFCUnder 16 TC Tyres league Division 1A
03/05/18 7 pmLions AFC27Freebooters AFCSchoolgirls U14 Cup Final

Recent Results in this competition
Lions AFC
03/10/19 11 amLions AFC03Freebooters AFC
Freebooters AFC
14/09/19 11 amStoneyford United05Freebooters AFC
03/10/19 11 amLions AFC03Freebooters AFC
Referee Statistics
Lee Kill2511411

Lions AFCFreebooters AFC