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628607/03/1807/03/187Match 7
628407/03/1807/03/187Match 6
628207/03/1807/03/187Match 5
628007/03/1807/03/187Match 4
627807/03/1807/03/187Match 3
627507/03/1807/03/187Match 2
627107/03/1807/03/187Match 1
624628/02/1807/03/183ALL SCHOOLBOYS/GIRLS & JUNIOR MATCHES OFFWeekend March 3rd & 4th 2018 domestic games at schoolboy, schoolgirl & junior levels have been called off this weekend.
588909/01/1807/03/183Kilkenny Coach Education Coaching Courses 2018 Coach-Education2.pngPlease find attached the 2018 calendar of events for the county of Kilkenny. To book a course please copy and paste the following email link. [a href=""][/a]
584418/12/1720/03/1812McCalmont History Cup Evergreen Winners 2017.jpgMcCalmont Cup Roll of Honour Freebooters are top of the pile with 15 McCalmont Cup title to their name. The Blues, who won their first title back in 1955, are two clear of their city rivals Evergreen, the only team to lift the title three times in succession (1997-1999). The city’s big two have dominated the competition, with 28 title wins between them, even more so in recent years. Freebooters won their eighth title in 1992 – they had to wait until 2000 to add number nine, but have won the cup six more times in the following 14 years. Evergreen’s best spell of dominance came with four titles in the 1990s, but between them the clubs have all but owned the trophy since 2006 – the Lions brought the trophy out of the city, a result which has been mirrored in recent seasons by Callan United (2012) and Thomastown United (2016). Fellow city side Newpark became the first team in 17 years to become first-time winners when they beat Brookville in the 2013 final.
476521/05/1707/03/187Freebooters Girls Team
335129/09/1629/09/1610Garda Vetting Form Checklist GV Checklist - July 20141.pdf
335029/09/1629/09/1610Registration of Non-Nationals of Non-Nationals1.pdf
270624/07/1624/07/167Player of the Year winners 2015/2016Schoolboys/Girls awards Thursday June 30th Springhill Hotel 8pm. Junior awards Saturday July 2nd Set Theatre 9pm. Player of the Year winners.
270024/07/1624/07/1610Garda Vetting Form Parental Consent Form Vetting - NVB 3 Parent Guardian Consent Form5.pdf
269924/07/1624/07/1610Garda Vetting Form Vetting Form - 29.04.164.pdf
269224/07/1607/08/161Welcome to Kilkenny & District Soccer League Website
269124/07/1603/09/161Kilkenny & District Soccer LeagueCONTACT US52.623228, -7.286456Honorary Secretary Mr.Tom Mullins Ballintee Dunnamaggin Co Kilkenny. Tel / Fax: 056 7766808 - 086 8147800 e-mail: