Results Roundup
Sunday 15 October 2017
FAI Womens Under 14 Cup
Evergreen City70Lions AFCKells Road16:00Michael Mc Loughlin
O'Neills LFA Junior Shield
St. Johns FC30Kildare TownGarringreen14:30
Junior Pat Maher Shield
Evergreen FC A71Clover UnitedKells Road11:00Vinny Kiely
Stoneyford United02Freebooters AFCStoneyford11:00Nickey Marnell
Thomastown United56Highview AthleticUnited Park Thomastown11:00Tristan Eardley
U17 Con Downey Shield
Lions AFC25Callan UnitedCork Road Durrow14:30James Nolan
Evergreen FC04FreebootersKells Road11:00Brian Kelly
Junior St Canices Credit Union Premier Division
Deen Celtic A11Evergreen FC BThe Prince Grounds11:00Lee Kill
Junior Ricos of Gowran Division 1 League
Castlewarren Celtic A12Lions AFCScanlon Park11:00Eoin Walsh
Fort Rangers FC22Evergreen FC CWallslough11:00David Connolly
Junior Eamonn Maher Coach Hire Division 2 League
Spa United AFC14Bridge United11:00James Nolan
River Rangers12Ballacolla FCThe Paircín11:00Michael Mc Loughlin
Brookville AFC12Newpark AFCBrookville11:00Jason Moore
Paulstown 06 FC13Ormonde Villa FCPaulstown11:00Paddy Walsh
Junior Brogmaker Division 3 League
Highview Athletic B31Deen Celtic BHarristown-Graignamanagh14:30David Connolly
East End United51Castlewarren Celtic BBennettsbridge14:30Jason Moore
Under 17 B
Thomastown United33River RangersUnited Park Thomastown14:30Patrick Murphy
Saturday 14 October 2017
FAI Womens Under 14 Cup
East End United41Wexford YouthsBennettsbridge15:00Lee Kill
Evergreen United14Hanover HarpsKells Road16:00Cathal Poyntz
Under 12 Glanbia League Division 2
Freebooters United11East End UnitedScanlon Park11:00James Nolan
Thomastown United B25Lions BUnited Park Thomastown12:15David Farrell
Highview Athletic50Stoneyford United BHarristown-Graignamanagh13:00Vinny Kiely
Bridge United B13Evergreen RoversGoresbridge14:30Paddy Walsh
Under 12 Glanbia League Division 3
Callan United11Clover UnitedFair Green-Callan11:00Mitch Corrigan
Freebooters Albion40Bridge United CScanlon Park14:30Jason Moore
Under 12 Glanbia League Division 4
Evergreen Villa12Paulstown 06 FCKells Road13:00Nickey Marnell
Deen Celtic B34Evergreen UnitedThe Prince Grounds14:30Home Referee
Under 14 Bennettsbridge Parts Division 1
Deen Celtic A43Bridge United AThe Prince Grounds14:30Patrick Murphy
Evergreen B30Thomastown AKells Road Astro Pitch17:30Jason Moore
Under 14 Bennettsbridge Parts League Division 2
Stoneyford United24Highview AthleticStoneyford13:00Ryan O'Byrne
Under 14 Bennettsbridge Parts League Division 3
Clover United23Deen Celtic BRathdowney, Co Laois11:00Paul Hunston
Thomastown United B13Callan UnitedUnited Park Thomastown13:15Michael Mc Loughlin
Spa United AFC20Bridge United BJim Maher Park Johnstown 15:00Brian Kelly
Under 14 Schoolgirls League Division 1
Thomastown United06FreebootersUnited Park Thomastown16:00Michael Mc Loughlin
Under 14 Schoolgirls League Dvision 2
Bridge United25Newpark AFCGoresbridge11:00Cathal Poyntz
Callan United30Vale WanderersFair Green-Callan12:30
Under 16 TC Tyres League Division 1
Bridge United30Clover UnitedGoresbridge11:00Paddy Walsh
Highview Athletic41Freebooters AFCHarristown-Graignamanagh11:00Vinny Kiely
Deen Celtic52Thomastown United BThe Prince Grounds12:00Eoin Walsh
SFAI Under 12 Skechers Cup
Thomastown United10Lions AFCUnited Park Thomastown11:00David Farrell
Clonmel Celtic30Evergreen C11:00
Bridge United41Deen CelticGoresbridge12:00Cathal Poyntz
Borris St Kevins05Evergreen A12:30
SFAI Under 14 Skechers Cup
Bohemians53East End United14:00
Vila20Freebooters AFC14:00
Wexford Albion56Evergreen16:00
Under 18 Girls League
Deen Celtic51St AnnsThe Prince Grounds16:00Patrick Murphy
SFAI Under 16 Skechers Cup
Clonmel Town01Evergreen11:00
Under 19 Division 2
St. Johns FC06Deen CelticGarringreen13:00James Nolan
Friday 13 October 2017
Under 12 Glanbia League Division 3
Evergreen 0741Spa United AFCKells Road18:30Ryan O'Byrne
Monday 9 October 2017
Under 15 St Canices Credit Union Division 3
Freebooters B23Deen Celtic BScanlon Park19:15Lee Kill
Sunday 8 October 2017
FAI Under 17 Challange Cup
Piltown03Evergreen FCPiltown14:00
Thomastown United06Waterford BohsUnited Park Thomastown14:00Vinny Kiely
Freebooters AFC80Stoneyford UnitedFair Green-Kilkenny15:00James Nolan
O'Neills LFA Junior Cup
Deen Celtic53Ashford RoversThe Prince Grounds11:00Lee Kill
Junior St Canices Credit Union Premier Division
Evergreen FC A31Evergreen FC BKells Road Astro Pitch10:30Eoin Walsh
Callan United A04Freebooters AFC AFair Green-Callan11:00Tristan Eardley
Thomastown United A20Highview Athletic AUnited Park Thomastown11:00Vinny Kiely
Junior Ricos of Gowran Division 1 League
Castlewarren Celtic A34Evergreen FC CScanlon Park11:00Paddy Walsh
Freebooters AFC B23Fort Rangers FCFair Green-Kilkenny11:00James Nolan
Lions AFC21Thomastown United BCork Road Durrow14:00Nickey Marnell
Junior Eamonn Maher Coach Hire Division 2 League
Ormonde Villa FC23Spa United AFCGarringreen11:00Jason Moore
Ballacolla FC51Paulstown 06 FCBallacolla11:00David Connolly
Junior Brogmaker Division 3 League
Castlewarren Celtic B12St. Johns FCCastlewarren Sports Field14:00Michael Mc Loughlin
Freshford Town32Highview Athletic BWoodview14:00David Connolly
Under 17 A
Callan United14Lions AFC AFair Green-Callan14:30Patrick Murphy
Under 17 B
Freshford Town70Highview AthleticWoodview11:00Cathal Poyntz
Lions AFC B07Evergreen FC BCork Road Durrow11:00Nickey Marnell
Saturday 7 October 2017
Under 12 Schoolgirls League
Bridge United01Spa United AFCGoresbridge11:00Paddy Walsh
Thomastown United30Evergreen UnitedUnited Park Thomastown12:30Kevin Cushen
Freebooters04Stoneyford UnitedFair Green-Kilkenny14:00David Farrell
Lions AFC50Callan UnitedCork Road Durrow15:00Patrick Murphy
Evergreen City56Vale WanderersKells Road15:00Ryan O'Byrne
Piltown20Newpark AFCPiltown16:30Michael Mc Loughlin
Under 13 Kilkenny People League Division 1
Thomastown United A31Fort Rangers FCWallslough11:30James Nolan
Stoneyford United32Deen Celtic AStoneyford12:00Cathal Poyntz
Under 13 Kilkenny People League Division 2
Highview Athletic50Deen Celtic BHarristown-Graignamanagh11:00Paul Hunston
Thomastown United B15Freshford TownUnited Park Thomastown13:45Kevin Cushen
Under 13 Kilkenny People League Division 3
Newpark AFC23Evergreen AthleticKells Road11:00
River Rangers60Freebooters CThe Paircín12:00Michael Mc Loughlin
Bridge United C53Paulstown 06 FCGoresbridge14:30Paddy Walsh
Under 15 St Canices Credit Union League Division 1
Bridge United A14Clover UnitedGoresbridge11:00Eoin Walsh
Freebooters A15Thomastown UnitedScanlon Park12:00Ryan O'Byrne
Under 15 St Canices Credit Union Division 2
Evergreen B23Lions AFCKells Road15:00Mitch Corrigan
Bridge United B12Freebooters CGoresbridge15:30John Martin
Under 15 St Canices Credit Union Division 3
Southend United30Fort Rangers FCBallyhale10:15David Farrell
Under 16 Schoolgirls League
Vale Wanderers03PiltownSuperbowl, Leighlinbridge14:00Paul Hunston
Spa United AFC03Lions AFCJim Maher Park Johnstown 15:00Lee Kill
Thomastown United50Kilkenny UnitedUnited Park Thomastown15:00Vinny Kiely
Freebooters51Hanover HarpsScanlon Park15:30David Connolly
SFAI Under 13 Skechers Cup
East End United21TranmoreBennettsbridge12:00Nickey Marnell
Carrick Utd51Freebooters12:00
Evergreen A30Wexford CelticKells Road12:00Lee Kill
Hanover Harps A31LionsSuperbowl, Leighlinbridge13:00
Bridge United10FerrybankGoresbridge14:00John Martin
SFAI Under 15 Skechers Cup
Cahir park25Evergreen13:00
Total : 97